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About BabyBoomerExecs
About Us
BabyBoomerExecs, Inc. ('BBE') was founded in 2007 to fill a marketplace void created by two important demographics:

       1. the increasing quantity of executive level talent from public and private
       enterprises, who have already retired or are soon to enter retirement, and

       2. the desire of many of these skilled individuals to maintain their intellectual
       capabilities by keeping active in their fields of expertise on a part-time or temporary basis.

Current government census estimates place the Baby Boomer population at approximately 78 million.

Companies from all industries are experiencing an unprecedented drain of executive talent. And, if they aren’t experiencing it yet, it is right around the corner. The need for executive mentorship, consulting, and temporary assignments has never been greater.

The challenge has been to bring organizations with immediate needs for executive skills easily together with highly qualified and retired executives, with specific skills and experience, who desire to continue to provide services on a part-time mode together. That’s where BabyBoomerExecs enters. Our Talent Directors can effectively facilitate the convergence of organizations and executives.

The founders of BabyBoomerExecs understand the challenges that organizations are facing due to the retiring Baby Boomer generation. At the same time, we realize that many executives still relish the opportunity to remain in the workforce.

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